Hudson Valley Swim School

PO Box 341, Thiells, NY 10984
Swim School Mission Statement
We are committed and dedicated to teaching and instructing in a safe and fun environment. We hire and maintain outstanding instructors. We pride ourselves in being positive role models in order to produce an environment that is conducive to learning.

Instruction focuses on developing proper body alignment, coordination and breathing patterns, throughout all competitive and recreational strokes. Additionally, we will provide exposure to safety with in the aquatic environment.

We emphasize progressive skills and techniques that encompass dry-land work, demonstrations, review and practice, and a variety of instructional tools. We use a variety of repetition exercises in our lessons. We routinely make use of kick boards, noodles, and hand floats.

* We support the specific school districts and communities  in which the Swim School functions by providing lifelong skills, activity choice, and both volunteer and employment opportunities with each of the school districts *